عدد القراءات | 2016/11/14
تونس تستورد 100 ألف طن من القمح

تونس تستورد 100 ألف طن من القمح

قال تجار أوروبيون اليوم الاثنين إن تونس اشترت نحو 100 ألف طن من القمح اللين ونحو 75 ألف طن من علف الشعير في مناقصة دولية?? ??تمت ترسيتها يوم الجمعة الماضي. وأضافوا أن بلد المنشأ لشحنات الحبوب اختياري.

وتابعوا أنه تم شراء القمح على أربع شحنات كل منها 25 ألف طن وجميعها من شركة بونجي بسعر 192.74 دولار للطن تسليم ظهر السفينة، وذكر التجار أن الشحنات ستسلم بين 25 ديسمبر 2016 و25 جانفي 2017.

أما الشعير فهو على ثلاث شحنات كل منها 25 ألف طن أيضا من شركة جلينكور بسعر 169.37 دولار للطن و171.37 دولار للطن و172.37 دولار للطن تسليم ظهر السفينة.

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  1. Hermosa producción, muy tica llena de emoción y sentimientos , ¿que sera de los conejitos sin post?, =) lo único a criticar seria el sonido tal vez usaron un micrófono muy sencillo o no se manejo bien

  2. Intelligent content isn’t easy to come by these days. However, reading your article gave me hope for today’s writers. It’s evident you are knowledgeable and know how to express yourself.

  3. Amazing that the Hurley’s would suck up to Hill and RU. What did RU ever do for them? RU fired Danny as an assistant and during his playing days at the Hall the RU players were either instructed or decided on their own to try to take him out and injure him during games. Yeah, suck up to RU but ignore your alma mater that stuck by you in tough times.

  4. Mathews,There are a large number of product patents in pharma space- not necessarily in the ARV space.ON a tangential note, I was surprised to see that Indian pharma companies now mark the product with patent numbers.For instance, Ranbaxy marks its Lulifin cream (anti-fungal Luliconzaole) with IN214515.This is a patent it licensed from Japanese company Nhon Nohyaku.Freq. Anon.

  5. Merci Marie! Je me sens tout à coup idiote car je n'ai pas à affronter quelque chose d'auusi dramatique que ce que tu as pu vivre. En tout cas, merci pour ton soutien et tes mots.♥

  6. An old trick from cab drivers who pounded back the snow in Montreal was to put snows on all four tires. This was in RWD times … long before Tam's time … but it sure worked … from personal experience.If the Three is just to be available … to use or not as conditions dictate … snows on the rears would be fine. If you want to be able to use it whenever, regardless of conditions, I'd put the four snows on … on their own rims, please.Perhaps that's more expense than your locale warrants, Tam?Regards.

  7. ciao Carlo!Hai dato uno sguardo a Fammi sapere se ti è servito, e nel caso credi manchi qualcosa fammelo sapere!Grazie per il tuo commento!

  8. Wow this looks great. We’ve tried Le Comptoir and usually have Grand Marnier crepe in the crepe stall outside Odeon station and a coffee at Les Editeurs but somehow managed to miss this one. Next time we’ll definitely try the tapas-like dishes which look delicious!

  9. ps: jumping off a plane without the parachute does seem like a good idea indeed..maybe the only way anything will change at all for me. After some years, when all has dwindled to nothing..what else makes sense

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  13. Herlige bilder! Blinkskudd det med storebror pa vei opp bakken med det rode akebrettet! ;-)sa godt at du har fatt kost deg litt etter noen toffe dager.klem mette

  14. For en fin forklaring! :-) Enig med deg; av og til kan det nærmest være deprimerende å lese om alt noen rekker i løpet av en uke.. Men som regel får man gode tips da.. Trikset er bare å ikke miste motet har jeg fortsått. Man rekker ikke alt! Ha en nydelig uke, Heidi. Klem fra Cecilie

  15. You may be more typical than you think :) Of course, you don't fall into any of the categories covered by Duck's pre-emptive flame – and that's a good thing.

  16. yeah it’s way different when they’re all over the place! she pulls herself up on anything and doesn’t understand if it’s stable enough to hold her.and i love those rubber band arms so much

  17. In my father’s house are many mansions …. but sorry, there’s no room for this. Look, I try to see the best in every musical endeavour, and there’s usually something you can enjoy, even if it’s only the bassist’s hairstyle. But this isn’t for me. And of course I am the centre of the universe. Aren’t you?

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  19. culture, race, reconciliation | Leave a Comment Here is an encouraging update regarding the whole Deadly Viper storm that’s been brewing for the past couple of days from Eugene Cho: I had some good dialogue

  20. I’m very pleased to see this finally reaching a conclusion. I only hope that the legislation change will be well publicised to minimise conflict amongst road users.It is a pity that a minimum passing distance is not being mandated though. I know it would be difficult to police, but it will make motorists more aware that vulnerable road users need space.

  21. PS: “Sit back and enjoy the ride as Chalpat Sonti steers you through the often confusing traffic of a booming WA economy, offering simplistic solutions for complex problems. ”Wait, they make the Indian guy sound like a taxi triver? Wow, at least Apu can be called a ‘small business owner’.

  22. I like Domino's Philly Cheesesteak pizza. It is soooo delish. I also got the CoverGirl samples. Of course, there's only enough for a couple of applications but it seems to be a good foundation, from the samples I tried.

  23. ei mene ei, eikä näytäkkään siltä kuin Strömsössä:) Alkaa vähittellen v-käyrä nouseen tämän loputtoman sateen kans. Toivottavasti sais edes pari ihanaa kuulasta päivää enneko kaikki lehdet kerkeen tippumaan. Koita parantua.

  24. Hey Vicki! Go to the main Danish entry in the Pastry menu at the left. There you’ll find the dough recipe plus baking times and temps…at the very bottom of the scroll. Have fun!- Joe

  25. I very much relate to your point about the people who have developed more self-awareness often having to shoulder the burden for those who don’t. I personally relate to it, but I also find with clients who have grown a lot over time, there comes this point where they start to feel resentful: like, all this time, money, hard work and growth means I have to be “bigger” than everybody else? This is the payoff???

  26. das sieht wirklich so aus als wenn die alle auf einem smaragdsee schwimmen würden. sieht so vielleicht sogar besser aus, als wenn die welenberge nur grün gewesen wären…

  27. The attacker (firearms expert) knew who was the student in the classroom that was armedJohn: If the game wasn’t rigged, they couldn’t guarantee they’d get the outcome they wanted, now could they?

  28. Did he dye his hair, from the first video, to this one? I thought I saw much more grey hair, in the car. Perhaps it was merely the lighting, in the car….but….wow.

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  30. Marian, this is happening so much more than we all realize. It’s all about the lessons we need to learn. And while these connections could be beautiful.. if both are not in the same energetic place, it cant work. Realizing this is the hardest part, next to letting go. I wish you so much happiness and strength on your journey!!Angel BLessings to you!Sally

  31. Still use the E-P1 and it takes stellar shots. Compared to my full size slr’s and really cannot notice much of a difference. Add the lumix 20mm 1.7 and you have a near perfect camera.

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  33. SK, you are truly an insightful writer.I talk to people and send your (and other) articles around, but still feel that common-sense is slipping away from the docile herd.Maybe we all need to go "Galt" and force a do-over…

  34. Hi, Deerly! Did you notice I got a Follow by Email block on my blog? And if you click on the title of the video, it will take you to the window on youtube where you can comment. Sorry I’m just getting back to you on this! You probably found that out awhile ago! Thank you!

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  37. Met zulke prijzen is er geen crisis lijkt het wel.Jeminee dat kan Bruin echt niet trekken hoor, de prijzen die men vraagt voor pakketten. Brrrrr.

  38. Tu tío de la Colombie es genial.Deberías hacerle caso y escribir sobre gente “bien” normal.Me enteré que tu libro lo compra una,se juntan a tomar un café y lo leen diez.Nada más machete,así nos va.Por lo tanto,tu cuenta debe ser multiplicada por diez,o,veinte.Acabo de llegar al paisito deprimente,Nació tu bebita?Cariños

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  41. Hey Tod… always great to see you and your nice comments! : )I really liked your FB status about hitting a bucket of balls that day. Every bit of enjoyment we can sqeeze into our days is such a gift. I understand that.Something unexpected and terrible is about to happen in Miranda’s world. Yes, again… : )

  42. Cada día me gusta más el blanco…y en esta casa da una sensación de tranquilidad, limpieza, espacio…muy bien escogidas las imágenes!!un saludo!!

  43. I love it! Finally a fashionable camera bag that you'll want to be seen with! Hoping I'll be able to say so long to all my gear cluttered at the bottom of whatever bag I'm carrying next weekend!

  44. Merci beaucoup. C’est le retour à la réalité, mais quelle après-midi et quelle soirée fantastique ce 10 septembre 2011 ! Gros bisous et encore merci à toutes les 2 de m’avoir suivi pendant plus d’un an.

  45. Hey loops!!! Awesome! Don’t worry…it’s not just you. After babies I felt heavy and uncoordinated. Yuck. Even now after a long-ish break I feel heavy even if my weight is fine. Just keep with it! I use to start out with a tough but doable distance, run t, and then walk until I hit 50 min. That way I got a long workout in, I didn’t have te defeated give up feel, and I exercised past that crucial 40 min mark. Keep upping the amount of running as you are able. It goes quicker than you think!

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  49. Ack, så surt att jag var där en vecka för tidigt! Men pappa åt huggormspannkaka som tonåring för att bli av med finnarna – klå det du om du kan

  50. I love Shalimar enough already, but your description of the vintage perfume is almost too much – I will just have to join in the general wishful thinking – sigh… thank you for a lovely set of reviews again!

  51. "I am not a klansman, I am an African American man who just wanted to know if any AAs had died on 9/11."Nice try. I can see your nose growing under your sheet.

  52. So so so so envious, what an absolute dream! I bet you literally cannot wait. I can imagine it being quite a challenge picking from all the wonderful maxi’s you own, but no doubt you will make a fabulous choice xx

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  55. Haha that was awesome. Did UE001 in 2007 and loved it. Great to see a vid sumarising all the highlights. Great to see Mufasa aswell (Tour Guide Egypt). He was awesome and such a great help. As for the nationalties question we had Kiwis, Aussies, Canadians, a Brazilian, a Brit, and a Yank.  The Villages weren’t dodgy just a bit far out. Which was fine because I imagine it would cost an arm and a leg otherwise.Anyone else find that everyone gets sick by the Cave/Barcelona?

  56. Härligt vårigt med tulpaner! Via pinterest hittade jag till en bild på dina föräldrars kök (på en annan hemsida, men jag frågar dig istället), är det okej att jag lånar den till bloggen? Länkar som man ska såklart!Bilden visar så bra hur jag tänkt öppna upp innertaket här hemma :)kram /iris

  57. that bruce lee could kick the shit out of chuck norris, ive got something to say to you…. if chuck norris ever heard of your little bitchy attitude towards him he would hunt you down and roundhouse in the head and rape your dead body!! he would bring u back to life and rape you to death again!! oh yeah, whats that? bruce lee is dead u dumbass!!!!

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  60. haha I can’t say the same! I mean I have treatment at the hospital first starting at 7am on Mondays then I come home in the evening and get hooked up again and stay hooked up for another 48hrs…. so… I hate it. yuk

  61. having a door that doesn’t lock and being an open community are two very different things. Besides, if we all support your position, wouldn’t that then make XOX way too mainstream and conformist?

  62. Read this wonderful piece and raced over to eBay — only to find there wasn’t a single “Save Cockenoe” poster available. Remember? Early Miggs Burroughs, and beautiful. Those were the days.

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  67. I’ve been enjoying a few movies compliments of cable lately. I found Sex and the City 2 to be terribly disappointing (and wrote about it), squandering numerous opportunities to explore women’s lives and relationships in both authentic and humorous manner. I found It’s Complicated to be delightful, and wrote about that. I recently saw Vicky Christina Barcelona (haven’t written about that) – also delightful. While I saw SATC 2 in the theater, generally, I only see movies on cable. Life does get hectic…

  68. This is a really fun idea. I often use videos as an anticipatory set in my classroom. Creativity sparks creativity. It is always fun to see what the kids come up with as a result and no two ideas are ever the same.

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  75. Gen's closet is very charming and colorful indeed. I really like how she made it work for her with transparent storage boxes for shoes and everything else neatly organized, too. The inspiration outfit images she had in her closet is a neat idea! Love her colorful wardrobe, too. Jen, I am glad you are feeling better. Your hubby is such a sweetie. Thanks for dropping by my blog today and leaving a comment. It means so much to me. :)

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  80. Misunderstanding aside, Harrison Ford is one of those guys who’s earned the right to say whatever the hell he wants. I will not question Han Solo/Indiana Jones/Rick Deckard.He could probably call my mom a whore and I’d be all, “Haha, I love you, Han! You’re so sarcastic!”

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  86. I have enjoyed your blog for quite some time. I was given it from a friend, Em Reifsnyder.On the rhubarb, the old name for the plant was “pie plant”. It is a little greener than the rhubarb that you can buy in the store, or if you get new plants from a garden center. My daughter and I make rhubard-blueberry jam every couple of years. It can also be bought at the Bavarian Inn in Frankenmuth. Very delicious. Thanks for the interesting messages.

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