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هذه مطالب مختطفو الطائرة الليبية

هذه مطالب مختطفو الطائرة الليبية

أفادت شبكة “سكاي نيوز” الإخبارية، نقلا عن الناطق باسم الحكومة الليبية المؤقتة، أن خاطفي الطائرة يطالبون بتأمين ممر آمن للمسلحين المتبقين في قنفودة في مدينة بنغازي.

ويذكر أن السلطات في مطار مالطا أكدت أن الطائرة الليبية المخطوفة هبطت في مطار الجزيرة، مشيرة في الوقت ذاته إلى احتمالية وجود خاطفين اثنين على متن الطائرة.




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  1. I told my kids we’d play after I found what I needed. Damnit.

  2. you are such a knockout lady! And that dress is the perfect colour :)Btw, now that I'm pregnant, I'm going back on your blog and reading your old pregnancy updates and tips. They are very useful, so thank you again

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  4. Can anyone tell me why the sinks in disabled toilets are those horrible little tiny things? I realise if you use a wheelchair you may not be able to lean over a huge bathlike thing without soaking yourself but is there nothing in between thimble size and bath tub?

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  17. The two olive trees, including their branches + the two candlesticks (and their bowels & pipes & lamps) = the Two Witnesses who stand before God, which Zachariah 4:6 tells us is the word of the Lord, by His Spirit.

  18. So glad that the Republicans are trying to sneak this one through. I mean screw working on legislation that might actually help people, like a jobs bill to get people back to work. Nope, this anti-gay bill is SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT.What a bunch of lying a-holes!

  19. Hahahaha. I’m not too bright today. Great post!

  20. Jag har tittat pÃ¥ bilderna men känner mig sÃ¥ slö i hjärnan. Jag kan inte!! Känns som samma blockering som pÃ¥ högstadiets tekniklektioner när vi skulle rita modeller tredimensionellt. Jag fattade liksom aldrig hur… Väntar in rätta svaren längre fram istället. Och gläds Ã¥t alla smarta bloggare som löser elegant ;-)

  21. in one of my first posts in GoV, race is the ultimate taboo: and only mature bloggers such as Larry Auster dare to approach the subject sensibly and without superstitious fear. Johnson is on the other extreme. He’s the paradigm of today’s self-loathing that is destroying and will finally destroy the West by the end of the century. Muslims are not properly our enemies. They’re just the symptom of today’s suicidal ethos. Johnson and the like are our real enemies. The West can never be a safe place with them.Proper measures should be taken…

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  27. And yet, I’ve bent over backwards to contact you. I don’t want a debate, I want to understand where you’re coming from. Why do you avoid that, and choose to come on here and get mad?

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  31. Per MoiInteressante…. i “Santi” italiani sappiamo cosa sono, mentre i Santi della retorica anglobiblica sono ovviamente quelli dell’Apocalisse, l’esercito di Dio, l’armata dei salvati, “noi”.

  32. Yeah that’s what I’m talking about baby–nice work!

  33. That’s an astute answer to a tricky question

  34. Mélissa: en effet, c’est l’idéal, mais j’avoue que confier les clés de chez moi à un(e) inconnu(e) me pose problème… Heureusement, pour cette fois, nous avons une personne de confiance qui s’en occupera.

  35. HI SEAN! I haven’t talked to you in ages, but this comment is SUCH a breath of fresh air. First of all, CONGRATS on getting a job! Getting anything at this time is a blessing. And it’s refreshing to hear that it’s not so easy and takes time (truth, at least) but I am so glad to know I’m not alone!

  36. Cheers pal. I do appreciate the writing.

  37. Dear Camila, I really don’t know how i found you, but I know that … instantly I became big fan of you!!!! :)))) Following everywhere…. I was learning a little bit of spanish at university … and there are some same words… but still i don’t understand you. :(this video is very useful…. is there any chance that u r going to upload it on english? And when u r going to upload announced english video … i saw photo on instangram :))))??? my profile is luna_park :) muchos besos or muitos beijos :) []

  38. Amazing! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a completely different topic but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Great choice of colors!

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  40. Wow! I am honored you made this tart and you made it so beautifully too! I know what you mean about the smoky quality, it is addictin. It’s a delicious little gem of a recipe. GREG

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  45. Julia Je n’arrive pas à attirer un homme, je ne comprends pas pourquoi, pourtant souvent ils disent que je suis mignonne, belle et simple et pourtant aucun homme ne me regarde vraiment comme si j’étais comme ça. J’ai l’impression que les mecs ne veulent pas vraiment nous séduire, mais ils veulent l’inverse, que ce soit nous qui allons vers eux…enfin je ne sais pas, je suis un peu perdue… 0  0

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  48. I told my kids we’d play after I found what I needed. Damnit.

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  60. I’m not sure what people dislike about her, but I found Tea’s performance natural and unaffected. If you consider the script and the character she was handed, she told a lot of the story with her acting.

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  65. you have often seen black ghetto children on TV saying they aspired to be a doctor or lawyer, but never to have, say, a carpet cleaning business). Many probably have doubts deep down about their abilities vis-a-vis whites, but this is something that many NAMs probably cannot admit to themselves because it would be too painful. In any case, the position among the overwhelming majority of NAMs is probably that even if they don't have equal average abilities, they should have equal results.

  66. Hitozuma Kasumi-san is admittedly a stretch for what the designs will probably be, but even something like Gravion Zwei (from the same designer) would be insanely sweet (from my utterly depraved perspective). I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

  67. I’m impressed you should think of something like that

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  79. earlier, I would rather have the guy that will make 98.9% of the plays versus the guy that might go in the hole and get a ball or two, but will also boot a dozen routine grounders hit right to him. I realize, within 2 years, Jeter is going to have to move to another position, but right now, he’s still a pretty, dang good SS.

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  82. I have a hoarding room too. That’s why on my recent house tour update, neither of the bedrooms were included. Looks like you whipped yourself into shape though!

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